Friday, April 13, 2012

Where'd you Hide the 'Stache?

Remember way back in the day when Neil promised not to shave until the last frame of animation was drawn? We have reached that day! Gone are the scraggly mutton chops and weathered chin fuzz. All that doth remain upon Neil's face is a bristly, classic mustache. Really, though, the point is that we finally finished pencil animation. *and there was much rejoicing*

What's left, you ask? I'll tell ya! We've gotta put some ink on the remaining pencil drawin's, stick 'em in the computer, color 'em, composite 'em, edit 'em, and add sound and music to 'em. Speaking of editing, we made our first few edits this week too! We've exported some final renders and have a few shots edited together. 

We're definitely in the final stretch, with our premiere less than two months away. To our friends and family, Neil, Robbie and I apologize in advance for our imminent disappearance from your lives.

Until next time, here are some anagrams of "Bystander:"

Bad Sentry
Brandy Set
Brats Deny
Trendy Abs
Stab Nerdy
*Darn Bytes*
Ants Derby
Ad By Stern
End By Rats
Nasty Bred

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