Saturday, January 21, 2012

Corn Facts with Lily Smith

Hi all! We have a special guest writer of this week's blog post: super awesome background artist Lily Smith. Lily knows a lot about corn. These are some of the things Lily knows:

Part of your DNA is corn.

The average American consumes seventy two bushels of corn a year. Only two of those
bushels actually look and taste like corn.

A four dollar box of cereal is about four cents worth of corn. Plus some sugar. Which is
probably corn based.

Think citric acid and calcium carbonate come from citrus fruits and dairy? Ha, no.
They’re made from corn.

A corn farmer in America cannot make a profit without money subsidized from the
federal government.

The majority of cattle sold and slaughtered in the U.S. are fed a corn based diet. Cows,
however, can not digest corn. It poisons them. Corn fattens the animals up quickly, but
also makes them dependent on growth hormones and antibiotics. Which you eat when
you eat corn fed beef. Support pasture fed animals.

“Standard” industrial corn is inbred. The seeds they produce are infertile. In order to yield
a competitive harvest, farmers have to buy seeds every year.

Corn is damaging our soil. Soil is important. Rather than alternating between corn
(technically a tropical grass) and legumes, corn is regrown every year or alternated with
soybeans (not a legume). In order to have fertile soil, farmers rely on chemical fertilizers.
These soak into ground water, affecting our water supply.

Corn is everywhere. Just watch Bystander.

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