Thursday, January 12, 2012

Marching On

Everyone is hard at work here at the Bystander factory!  Gears are turning, pumps are pumping, and thing-a-ma-jigs are doing their thing.  All is well.

Despite a location change which has forced some of the painters and compositors to work separately from the animators, we're going strong.  Speaking of compositors, we now have the first composited shots!  That means we've animated a plane, the boss, and Dave himself!  Let me be frank: they look awesome.

Even the producer is getting his hands dirty with some digital painting.  Word on the street is he's having a lot of fun with it!

In other news, we're getting our crew shirts very soon.  We'll post a picture of them when they come in!
Check out Neil's awesome Bystander merchandise!
As the weather turns frightful, I think our crew is thankful that our set is 100% inside.  No snow, ice, or wind can prevent our filming!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks:  we might give you a further glimpse into the world of Bystander.

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