Monday, January 30, 2012

Another Fan Fiction by the Producer

The producer of Bystander would like to cordially invite you to read another work of fan fiction about Bystander. This story takes place after the film. Not a prologue per se. More like a sequel. Kind of. You'll see what we mean.

The year was 2036. Mankind had overpopulated the Earth. But that happened years ago. What was new was their journey to inhabit the Moon. When the united governments of the world (peace had been established in the year 2024) announced their new program, they held a lottery to determine who would be the first colonists of the Moon settlement. Only one hundred people were chosen. Dave was one of them.

It was travel day. Dave was excited to be part of this momentous initiative, but he couldn't stop crying as he prepared to leave. That was because he was cutting onions to use in his favorite meal: stir fry, his last meal on Earth. Knowing that he wouldn't see his daughter for years didn't help either.

After saying his goodbyes to his friends and family, it was time to go to the space station. There was a large banner hanging over the door that read "Welcome Moon Colonists. Get Ready For The Journey Of Your Life." It wasn't very creative. Or inspiring. Probably because the settlement was run by scientists, not a marketing team. A marketing team did come up with the name of the colony, however. It was called L.U.N.A.R. Launching Up to New Areas Rapidly. No one ever said the marketing team was good.

Dave entered the space rocket that would be taking him to his new home. He saw ninety-nine unfamiliar faces but didn't hesitate to start introducing himself. He figured he might as well meet his neighbors before arriving at their desolate new home.

The trip was long but not boring. It was dark but not scary. It was cold but the gravity's pressure kept the travelers cozy.

Upon arriving on the Moon, Dave and his companions entered the settlement and got down to work. After all, life on the Moon is no moonwalk. Dave knew he had to start work at the office the following morning, and in the meantime he had to make his home livable. It seemed like life here would not be that different after all.

He peered out his window and looked at the Earth. It looked so serene from up here. Then it blew up.

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